Language Services


Storytelling is about building bridges between different worlds and cultures - and one of the most crucial part of that process is language and communication.

With bilingual fluency in Chinese and English, I have built a career and life on enhancing communication between the two languages and cultures. Beyond experience with ESL education at home and abroad, the skill has brought me to opportunities with translating television broadcasts, news, and instructional media. I continue serve as an interpreter on a freelancing basis. Find out more about how my services may be able to help you.

Service Details Price
Video/Audio Transcription Subtitle files (.srt) or word document. USD$15 per minute of dialogue*
Video/Audio Translation Subtile files (.srt) or word document. USD$20 per minute of dialogue*
Video Translation/Subtitling Full exported videos, available in HD and standard file types. USD$30 per minute of dialogue
*USD$10 extra per minute for timed .srt files

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Educational Services

In education, I have vast experience in one-on-one tutoring with children, high school students, adults, and business-level conversations. I have lectured at college classes in Taiwan about learning English as a second language.

As someone who has experienced the education system both in Asia and the West, I have been able to provide an in-depth and diverse perspective at learning ESL, and am passionate about helping others enhance their language skills.

Service Details Price
Basic Chinese/English Tutoring One-on-one lessons, in-person or remote via Skype USD$30 per hour
Chinese/English Conversation Practice One-on-one, with consultation on grammar and vocabulary USD$30 per hour
Chinese/English Consultation Providing consultation for your text or media USD$20 per hour
Classroom Lecture Lecture, Q&A about learning English as a second language. (Via Skype, or in-person depending on location) USD$50 per hour

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My language abilities have brought me as far as working in several industries abroad. One of the opportunities brought me to be interviewed on television for my work as a part of Taiwan's Overseas Community Affairs Commission's internship program. See my interview here: