All videography, editing, interviews conducted by Lena Morris.
Friendship Goals
Video created in partnership with Dutch dancer and personality Lady Tchozn.

American Red Cross
Retired firefighter and Red Cross volunteer Dennis ‘The Menace‘ on why his fellow volunteers are some of the “best people in the world,” and why he always returns to help with disasters.

Meiwa x My Body Does: Body Positivity
‘My Body Does’ discusses body image issues with Meimeiwawa.
(Filmed by Michael Lao, Edited by Lena Morris)

Taiwanese Indigenous Tribe Forest Runway

What happens when you build a fashion runway in the middle of a forest? The Meimeiwawa crew was honored to walk the runway this year, at 1.8 kilometers above sea level. View on Facebook.

Office Jam: “PDA” by John Legend

We should be working but... We just don't care.
Performed by Lara Veronin, Lena Morris, Stephanie Pron, and Manav Mehta.
(Filmed by Michael Lao, Edited by Lena Morris.)

Don't Forget to Look Up Sometimes
Short film comparing life with and without cellphones.
Created for the Taiwan-based viral media company,

How to start a company on a Yellow Bike

When Samuel Sveen settled in Bloomington, he channeled his passion for brewing coffee into a new business. He opened the bright-yellow, can't-miss-it Uel Zing cold-brew coffee cart in 2013. Part of Inside IU's "Food Trucks of Bloomington" series.

Little 500: Philanthropy in Motion

"A new video by our multimedia intern Lena Morris introduces you to some of the student volunteers who worked behind the scenes as well as alumni and others who continue to support one of IU Bloomington's fondest campus traditions."

The Coolest Job on Campus: Emerging Technology Specialist
As an Emerging Technology Specialist at Indiana University, Nitocris Perez's job is checking out the latest new tech inventions. Can I say, coolest job ever?

Dance program helps people with Parkinson's disease build community, improve health

Inspired by a Brooklyn-based program, IU faculty member Roberta Wong from the Department of Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance in the College of Arts and Sciences created a Dance for Parkinson's group in Bloomington.

"The Poetics of Rap" - English professor breaks it down in the classroom

Indiana University Assistant Professor Adrian Matejka discusses teaching The Poetics of Rap Music, a special topics course on popular literature and mass media.

Alvin Ailey dancer teaches master class to IU students

Kirven Douthit-Boyd, member of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, teaches 15 selected students from IU Ballet, IU Contemporary Dance, and the African American Dance Ensemble at the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center. View the full article on Art at IU.

A Day in the Life of a TV Intern in Taiwan

Behind the scenes: an internship at Taiwan's biggest TV stations, CTS and CTV. From filming food specials, teenage acrobats, live talk show tapings, to picking Asian pears... Although it got a bit dirty, it certainly never got boring.

Teaser: Age of Change

Indiana Daily Student investigates the University's strategic plan to change the structure of the school.

Holi Festival: Back home for a day

The Asian Culture Center staged its own Holi festival Wednesday at Collins Living-Learning Center to give Indian students the chance to connect back home, and a chance for others to experience.

The City Cat

What it's like to be a stray in the city - at Shanghai, China.

The Chinese Pet Store

A walk through a traditional pet store in Shanghai that only sells crickets of various sizes, birds, fish, maggots, and weird walnuts.

Jayali Music Promotion

Filmed and edited promotional video for local hip hop artist Jayali. Video featured on U-lala.

The Nutcracker

Video on The Nutcracker, an annual show performed at the Indiana University Musical Arts Center. Made for IUSTV.


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