Why Dapeng Bay is the Next Best Paradise Destination

Whether you're into windsurfing, race cars, or just chilling by the ocean, Dapeng Bay is becoming the nation's next best holiday destination with its variety of fun and feasts. With a little something for everyone, this flourishing spot in Pingtung County is rich in history, local cuisine, and all manner of outdoor activities. Discover all the hidden gems this lagoon has to offer.
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Thrill-seeking with Taiwan's Top Wakeboarder Shannon Teng

It took everything—and a letter of congratulations from Taiwan's vice president—for the family of Taiwan's top female wakeboard to finally climb on board with her career decisions.
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8 Secret Spots in Kenting That Tour Guides Won't Tell You About

The Kenting National Park is the go-to vacation spot for people all over Taiwan looking for a peachy beachy escape for the weekend. There are a few well-known beaches frequented by tourists, but did you know there are some amazing local spots that tour guides don’t tell you about? If you aren’t a fan of crowds and typical tourist attractions, here’s a compilation of the best secret spots in Kenting for your next visit to the tropic paradise.
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The Media School Report

Nazario's work tells immigration story through eyes of children, mothers

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sonia Nazario has dedicated decades of her career to shedding light on what she calls underrepresented stories. She shared some of those stories, including those of immigrants, with her audience at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater Wednesday evening as a guest of the school's Speaker Series.
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Steele recounts obstacles in path of becoming host of ESPN's top shows

Acclaimed sports anchor and IU alum Sage Steele share her experiences with racial and gender discrimination on the path to becoming the host of SportsCenter.
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Photojournalist Nickelsberg recounts challenges covering Afghanistan

While many other photojournalists would have feared or avoided reporting from Afghanistan during its times of violent conflict, photojournalist Robert Nickelsberg spent more than two decades documenting turmoil in that region.
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Ignatius imagines ‘Hamiltonian’ influence to reverse nation’s partisanship, global image

Acclaimed Washington Post journalist visits Indiana University to receive the Lee H. Hamilton Public Service Fellowship award.
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Indiana Daily Student

Food trucks gain popularity

Bloomington residents know the Gyro truck that sits outside of the bars for serving one of the most delicious Greek food in town. What most people don't know is that the owner not only is an IU alumni, he is a retired professor of education who taught in Turkey and Iran for over 18 years.
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Column: A home for the abandoned

It's hard to stroll the streets of Taiwan without seeing a few skinny dogs digging through the neighborhood dumpster. One family is trying to fix the problem, 800 dogs at a time.
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Column: Summer solstice tradition

With the school year coming to a close, Taiwan has been filled with a festive spirit. Communities are flocking to the closest river to witness the dragon boat race, and families gather to make traditional dishes in celebration of the Summer Solstice.

Column: The attraction of outdoor markets

Taiwan is known for it's "night markets" and exceptional shopping activities, but the type of shopping you can't find anywhere else in the world resides in the outdoor day markets where the local community gets their groceries.

Column: A small island with big dreams

Taiwan is a tiny island. It's a country located about 500 miles from Hong Kong at a size slightly larger than Hawaii. The length of the island is about the same as a drive from Bloomington to Chicago. Yet within this small tropic land are culture, humility and tradition that one cannot measure.

In-depth Reporting

Taiwanese survivor of the atomic bomb experience luck and optimism despite tragedy

Researched and interviewed Taiwanese survivors of the atomic bombings in World War II for an International Reporting course that included a class trip to Tokyo and Hiroshima.